Jonah - DVD

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The story of Jonah is one of the earliest Bible stories we hear as children. And why not? It’s not everyday we hear about a man being swallowed by a whale and living to tell about it. Jonah ends up on the beach and obeys God in preaching in Ninevah. A happy ending, right?

Well, behind the cartoonish tellings of our childhood, the real lesson of the story has a serious message: Sometimes, God will call you to go someplace you would rather not go, and when He does, He has a reason for it. 

Join us as Wesley Putnam, The Master’s Storyteller, tells the story of Jonah as a Louisiana Cajun.  It will give you fresh insight into the nature and faithfulness of God. You will laugh a lot, and you may find your assumptions challenged. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll never see the story of Jonah the same way again!

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